The Barter System helped generate over 50 million additional turnover for our users

  • 44 thousand B2B transactions

    We helped generate 44,000 B2B transactions

Barter System

Your system
Your profit

Barter System is the oldest and largest barter exchange platform in Poland, operating continuously for 18 years . Through cooperation, meetings of owners and systematic work of the entrepreneurs who created it, he transformed into a thriving community represented by companies from the SME sector as well as sole proprietorships.

50,000,000 Trading
44,000 B2B transactions
1,200 Companies

Dead Capital

Am I also affected by this issue?
How do you change it into cash?

Replace what you have for what you need saving cash

In the assets of each company there are components that are no longer needed in business, it is worth paying for them for assets that are needed for current operation. Our tool gives such an opportunity.

Locate your dead capital and convert it into cash

We know from experience that in every company there is Dead Capital - even free capacity. Barter System practitioners by conducting the analysis will help to indicate places where this capital is located and how to exchange it for cash

You don't have to hire anyone to increase your turnover by 5-10%

the Barter System tool allows you to increase revenues without having to hire additional employees, and thus we can help improve your company's financial liquidity

Liquefy "retreats" and improve the financial result

This problem mainly concerns producers and companies selling various goods. It often turns out that the entire "profit" of the company is frozen in stocks. Our tool can help you liquefy it.

Recover even difficult debts wisely

nowadays, most companies have encountered this problem - we have a debtor sometimes we even have a verdict and we are not able to recover our debts. We have helped many entrepreneurs in such situations.

Become a link in the system supply chain

We help our participants locate their products / services in systemic transaction chains created by the repetitive production of high-margin goods and services

Benefit from the industry clusters we create

joining forces (strengths) of many entities creates a synergy effect and a powerful increase in competence and competitiveness. industry clusters allow you to compete even with major corporations while maintaining a high margin for participants. Our participants are currently forming a real estate and chemical cluster. Check the element of what cluster your company can become

The largest economies of the world
discovered the value of barter settlements over 80 years ago

Barter System

bartercard bizx irta res wir

System participants

Bartersystem enables participation in a constantly growing community. It gives you the opportunity to plan your business for years and learn different points of view on its development.


Bartersystem brings together a huge number of entrepreneurs, which makes it possible to reach key people in a given company during one common trip.

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